Alticam Vision Product Summary Table

  047EO1 049EO1 Alticam 04 Support Pod
Field of View 1.7°-56° 0.29°-58° N/A
Pixels 720 x 480 640 x 480
Wavelength 400-900 nm 400-900 nm N/A
Zoom (optical) 36X 200X Continuous N/A
Gimbal Sequence Pan-over-Tilt Roll-over-Tilt N/A
Tilt 30° up; 110° down 80° forward; 45° back N/A
Pan/Roll 360° (endless roll) 360° (endless roll) N/A
Slew Rate 50°/sec 45°/sec N/A
Performance @ 1Hz 30 dB and 24 dB attenuation 39 dB and 38 dB attenuation N/A
Communications Nominal: Serial communication, 57,600 bps Serial communication, 57,000 bps, Alticam command set N/A
Video Composite NTSC Composite NTSC N/A
Power Range 12-15 VDC, 7 W 12-14.4 VCD, 18W, 22 W peak N/A
Weight 1,020 g 2,775g (3,470 g with enclosure) N/A
Dimensions 18 cm Ø Sphere 30 cm length X 20 cm Ø cylinder N/A
Laser Pointer N/A N/A N/A
Laser Range Finder N/A N/A N/A

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Alticam Vision Products

ALTICAM 047EO1 Light-weight EO imager in a stabilized turret
ALTICAM 049EO1 200X zoom EO imager in a stabilized turret
Alticam 04 Support Pod Support interface for Alticam payloads