• Stable – Vibration Stabilized Imaging
  • Rugged – Stands up to a range of temperature, weather and shock from catapult launches
  • Budget Conscious – Cost Effective Engineering
  • Small Size – Compact and Lightweight
  • On Target – Object Tracking and Persistent Staring
  • Adapts – To a Wide Range of aircraft, boats and vehicles
  • Portability – Small enough to easily replace, upgrade or transport
  • Inexpensive Repair – Modular Components
  • Image Quality – Superior field-of-view, zoom and magnification
  • Economical – Quality of a larger system, with the flexibility affordability provides


The primary use of Alticam Vision™ camera turrets involves search and rescue operations, law enforcement and related civilian applications. There are also many other situations where they are an asset. These include:
  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Battle Damage Assessment
  • Laser Marker Target Illumination
  • Law Enforcement Activities
  • Search and Rescue
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Border Patrol Operations
  • Harbor Patrol & Port Security
  • Search and Rescue
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Monitoring Inaccessible Landscapes
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Terrain & Resource Mapping
  • Surveying Hurricane & Disaster Damage
  • Laser Measurements
  • Geomagnetic & Atmospheric Research
  • Environmental Management
  • Pollution Monitoring
  • Sports, Concerts & Entertainment Events

Adaptable to UAVs and Other Moving Platforms

Alticam Vision™ Imaging Systems are known for their ability to eliminate the vibrations and the unanticipated motion common to a lightweight UAV. These camera turrets are also perform well when integrated into piloted aircraft, boats, balloons and other unstable, moving vehicles.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAV

Alticam Vision™ camera turrets have logged thousands of UAV flight hours conducting surveillance and supporting field operations. They are the heart of the intelligence gathering system for some of the most versatile unmanned aerial vehicles in the world. These unmanned aircraft are deployed worldwide in various applications, including areas with rugged field conditions. They are also effectively used in homeland security applications.

Can you please change that to "Some UAVs currently carrying Alticam Vision cameras and turrets are capable of flying above 16,000 feet and lingering over a site of interest for more than 24 hours. These aircraft use Alticam systems to provide persistent reconnaissance in mission critical situations and are the most successful unmanned aircraft in their class.

Alticam Vision™ imaging systems are built to survive the G-forces created during launch, flight and retrieval of many different kinds of UAV.

Piloted Aircraft

Piloted aircraft work well with these turret systems, where they are typically used to make real time observations that can also be recorded for further analysis.  Alticam Vision™ imaging systems keep weight to a minimum and can be enclosed in a streamlined housing to fit any aircraft design.  They are usually the most affordable option available for delivering high quality imagery in these applications.


Large piloted helicopters, down to smaller unmanned models, provide maneuverable platforms for positioning Alticam Vision™ imaging systems.  These camera turrets are a manageable size for most helicopter models where high quality imaging applications are required.  The vibration stabilizing system is highly effective in helping deliver a steady image despite the heavy vibration experienced in helicopter flight.

Tethered Balloons & Blimps

By mounting an Alticam Vision™ camera turret under a lighter-than-air balloon it is possible to observe a local area in detail.  The balloon can be secured to the ground in a fixed position, then raised and lowered as needed. 

A tethered balloon can also be towed behind a vehicle that is appropriate for the terrain, such as the off-road trucks the Border Patrol uses in a desert region.  This allows a small crew to monitor a larger area than would otherwise be possible.   Additional benefits to law enforcement work include activities such as forensic investigation, emergency response support or assisting in missing person searches.

Balloon systems are custom built through a number of approved vendors who specialize in specific applications.

Boats, Ships & Marine

Alticam Vision™ imaging systems can be enclosed in water tight, heated housings that protect them in marine environments.  When fitted on a crewed vessel, they provide additional imaging assistance to assure mission success. 

Increasingly agile autonomous watercraft equipped with an Alticam Vision™ camera turret can be remotely controlled without the need for an onboard crew.  This allows the unmanned vessel to gather essential intelligence under difficult circumstances. It can check an area visually, help locate swimmers or assist in rescue.  A remote controlled craft might be used to unobtrusively get in close to monitor the behaviors of other vessels and their crews. 

The system can conduct daytime electro-optical or nighttime thermal surveillance, support commercial fishing operations or help environment management in many ways, including pollution detection, wildlife management or other types of conservation-related monitoring.

Alticam-Vehicle Interfacing

For a graphic technical illustration of how Alticam payloads interface with vehicles of all different kinds, please see the Alticam Payload Integration document.