Alticam in the field

Alticam Vision is the provider of the Alticam family of gimbals supporting camera system operations on a range of platforms including light manned aircraft, marine vehicles, aerostats, towers and unmanned aircraft.

Stabilized Camera Turrets with Persistent Staring Capability

Alticam Vision, Inc designs, builds, and sells stabilized turrets that incorporate electro-optical cameras, infrared imagers, laser markers and designators, and many other sensor payloads.
Alticam Vision™ imaging systems offer sophisticated capabilities developed to address a full range of civilian needs. The systems can accurately lock onto a moving or stationary object and carefully observe it while mounted to a constantly moving, high performance platform.

The system compensates for vibration and other interfering factors that contribute to image deterioration. This provides the ability to conduct sustained observation of moving or stationary objects of interest, without missing potentially vital information.

Ease of Operation

Alticam Vision’s turnkey systems require a minimum of training. A simple joystick control can operate the system from a remote ground station in most models. An operator can quickly learn to smoothly pan and tilt the camera for wide-area searches or remain locked onto an object as the carrying platform – an aircraft, boat or vehicle – is being maneuvered. Sophisticated focus and image enhancement mechanisms ensure that the operator is getting the best image possible in any situation.

The Hood Technology Corporation specializes in blade vibration & monitoring (BVM) within operating turbomachinery (e.g. gas turbines, turbochargers, steam turbines, compressors, etc).
With over 50,000 UAV launches achieved, Hood Tech Corp, Mechanical, Inc. may be the world's most-experienced provider of launch catapults for unmanned aircraft (UAVs.)
With over 700,000 flight hours of experience on our products, Hood Tech Corp, Vision Inc. may be the world's most-experienced provider of stabilized imaging turrets for aircraft. Gimbals intended for export and commercial use are offered through Alticam Vision. Sierra Olympic Technologies, our sister company, sources and develops the appropriate imagers for our use.